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Abraham Lake

April 6, 2019 | Filed Under News, Personal | Leave a Comment 

Abraham Lake is a body of water on the upper part of the North Saskatchewan River, just off the David Thompson highway.  It is a man-made body of water that was created in 1972 with the construction of the Bighorn Dam.  Now, because the area was flooded without removing any vegetation, an amazing natural phenomenon occurs…the creation of methane bubbles.   They are created when bacteria in the water eat dead plant and animal matter, and then, as a result of “digestion,” release methane. In the summer months, the methane simply rises to the surface; but in the winter, these bubbles become temporarily frozen in time.   A couple of weekends ago, a couple of friends of mine and I went to check out the scene.   With skates in hand, we slid our way down the ice onto the lake and then spent some time skating around on the  lake.  Unfortunately, there was a lot of snow and not a lot of bubbles.  It was still pretty amazing though.  Maybe next year for even more bubbles?