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Nicole and Sean, Edmonton

June 10, 2013 | Filed Under Weddings | Leave a Comment 

Nicole and Sean are extremely well matched.  Both are energetic, travel-loving adventurers, with several tattoos and piercings evenly distributed between them. They are devoted to their families and loyal to their friends; it seems that from childhood, through high school and now in their respective places of employment they manage to gather new friends while maintaining the ones they already have.

Many of the emotion filled speeches of the evening described either Nicole or Sean as the rock in various relationships they have with others.  Interestingly enough, as Sean tried to steal himself to hold it together during his speech, he declared, “I am a rock”, but promptly teared up himself about 30 seconds later.  It got to the point during the speeches where Nicole and the bridesmaids literally abandoned Kleenex for rolls of toilet paper.

I have known Sean quite a long time but it has been so wonderful to get to know Nicole.     It is so refreshing to spend time with two people who are so “real” and a couple who wanted the focus of their wedding day to be a relaxed, fun celebration of the people around them who helped them to this point.

Nicole and Sean, we want to thank you both for giving us just one MORE reminder of what is important in life.

J and N