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Christmas Day at the Farm

December 31, 2008 | Filed Under Personal | Leave a Comment 

We woke up Christmas morning to a beautiful sunrise at Nadine’s parent’s farm (which we almost missed because we slept in so late!) Jamie took the dog for a long walk to enjoy the beauty of the day…

Gryphon definitely had fun searching for little creatures under the snow (Don’t worry … he didn’t actually catch anything!) and walking through the fields …

The sky was a deep, beautiful blue and the frost covered the trees…

the fields…

and everything else.

This was our niece Seanna’s first Christmas….

and there were a lot of presents for her.

Mom and Dad were more excited than anyone!  Showing off her new dress…

and her new rocking *cow* !

*Animal train* was definitely a favorite!

and the day ended as spectacularly as it started!

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone from JaN Studios!

J & N

Christmas at Home

December 22, 2008 | Filed Under Personal | Leave a Comment 

Celebrating Christmas at our house.

Our trek for a Christmas tree led us to a corner in Camrose where a vendor had only 5 trees left for sale.  With $25 in my pocket I was ready to deal.  We were looking for a smaller type tree, one that no one wanted, one that needed a home and love.  Much to our surprise, the only trees left were huge.  Each would have taken up our entire living room!  We left Camrose with no tree and sad.  I was eyeing the groves as we were driving, looking for a fine specimen.

The next day I was walking our dog in the back field.  Upon my return through the back fence, I noticed a pile of clipped branches from our row of spruce.  The utility company had been doing work on the power lines and had trimmed the tops of a couple of our trees.  Voila, the scrawniest Christmas tree you have ever seen; it is perfect.

With a little love and a ton of spirit, it is amazing what you can do in the name of celebration.  Each ornament we add represents something significant that happened during the previous year.

To all of the truly special people for which we had the privilege of capturing weddings for, to our friends and family, Nadine and I wish you a very Merry Christmas.

Blessings to all,

J & N

Lillian & Kevin, EShoot – Edmonton, AB

December 1, 2008 | Filed Under Engagements | Leave a Comment 

Hey guys, thanks for the afternoon.  Dropping temperatures on a late November Sunday.  Who’d of thought it was actually late fall?  We can’t wait for your day in the spring.  Have a safe and happy Christmas.


J & N