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Tanis and Josh, Leduc Wedding

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I’ve known Tanis since she was around 12 years old.   She volunteered to work at a camp for kids that I helped run when I was in University years ago.  She also lived fairly close to me back then and I would often drive her to and from our workplace.   I got to know the young Tanis fairly well back then.  But over the years, I haven’t seen as much of her.  But every once in awhile, I’d hear where she was traveling to, how she was doing and whom she was dating.  And then she contacted us to to tell us she was engaged.  I was thrilled for her!

When we got to meet with Tanis and Joshua to talk about their wedding, I saw how incredibly happy Tanis was in this relationship.  But I also saw the look on Josh’s face as he looked at Tanis.  Together, they were always laughing and seemed so ready to tackle whatever life brought.  Yes, Tanis had finally met her match.

Even though the wedding day was in March and there was still a great deal of snow on the ground, the sun shone brightly, the sky was a rich blue and it was quite warm.  Contrast that with the next day, when the temperatures plummeted and it snowed heavily.  Tanis and Josh’s day was perfect, just like it was meant to be!

Tanis & Josh, Leduc Wedding Sneak Peak

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We were honored to be at Tanis and Josh’s lovely wedding this weekend!  So happy that the snow and rain held off so their day could be warm and sunny.  I couldn’t resist posting a sneak peak of this beautiful couple!

Sam and Scott, Sherwood Park Wedding

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Sam and Scott were married on a beautiful, sunny Autumn day.  They were showered with love by family and friends all day long.  At the girls’ house, there were champagne toasts, a flurry of girls getting ready, makeup and clothes everywhere you looked, and selfies being taken at random.  The boys’ house was a little less harried; video games always calm people down, I guess.  After a beautiful ceremony, the bridal party piled into the limo to go back to the places where our couple really fell in love… high school and university.   Afterward, the group partied the rest of the night.

Sam and Scott, thanks for letting us be a part of your day and letting us feel a bit of the love you spread around you!  We only wish we had known to stick around for Donairs!

You can view a selection of our favorite images from this day by clicking on the arrows on the sides of the images above.

Has it already been a year for Kat and Adam?

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Kat and Adam’s wedding day was the perfect expression of the two of them.  We love how they are such a unique and hip couple.  The decorations included both skulls AND Christmas lights.  Kat wowed in a beautiful flowing long black dress that she made herself.   Tears started almost as soon as the ceremony did.  It was so evident to see how ‘in love’ these two are and how much their wedding vows mean to them.

Spending the entire day with these two was sweet, and moving, and so much fun for everyone there.  We are so grateful to have been a part of it.

Happy Anniversary and enjoy these images (scroll across)!

Summer magic…

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Here’s a bit of juicy goodness from Glenna and Alex’s wedding this past summer.


Sam & Scott, Sherwood Park, AB

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What a perfect September weekend.  These two high school sweethearts are truly meant to be together, even though it took a long time to get to Mr. and Mrs. and 1 ladder from the bride’s parents.    Sam is super organized (she told us we were ahead of schedule after the family photos), caring, supportive, and generous.  She always has a huge smile on her face and has a bubbly zest for life.  Scott is apparently the romantic one and opens the car door for Sam (okay, maybe that was only on the first date) and is as fun loving as she is.  You can feel and see the love between these two just by witnessing how they look at each other and interact with each other.  There is no doubt that they are truly soulmates.

We had so much fun with you guys we didn’t want to stop shooting.  Thank you so much for letting us be a part of your day.  The day just got better and better.   It was amazing to witness how much fun it is to be around a lot of meaningful friendships and close knit family.   And the fun continued right into the late night dancing.  You guys know how to really “rock” it.  We can’t wait to show you everything we captured.

J & N



Glenna & Alex, Jasper, AB

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We can’t even begin to explain what an amazing time we had with these two in Jasper this past weekend. It was a perfect day out at Spirit Island to witness Glenna and Alex’s ever-lasting bond to each other. Bone-soaking rain and a friendly bear encounter on the way back to town rounded out a great day on Maligne Lake. Little did we know that the party was only getting started.
Thanks you guys for including us and making the day soooo amazing. You both rock our world….


Kat & Adam, Edmonton

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IMG_6086 IMG_6610


Kat and Adam are an amazing couple.  The love that they showed for each other throughout the entire day was infectious.  What an amazing time we had with these two from hanging out at Parlour Restaurant to strutting the Ledge Grounds.  It was an honour to share their day.

J & N

Nicole and Sean, Edmonton

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Nicole and Sean are extremely well matched.  Both are energetic, travel-loving adventurers, with several tattoos and piercings evenly distributed between them. They are devoted to their families and loyal to their friends; it seems that from childhood, through high school and now in their respective places of employment they manage to gather new friends while maintaining the ones they already have.

Many of the emotion filled speeches of the evening described either Nicole or Sean as the rock in various relationships they have with others.  Interestingly enough, as Sean tried to steal himself to hold it together during his speech, he declared, “I am a rock”, but promptly teared up himself about 30 seconds later.  It got to the point during the speeches where Nicole and the bridesmaids literally abandoned Kleenex for rolls of toilet paper.

I have known Sean quite a long time but it has been so wonderful to get to know Nicole.     It is so refreshing to spend time with two people who are so “real” and a couple who wanted the focus of their wedding day to be a relaxed, fun celebration of the people around them who helped them to this point.

Nicole and Sean, we want to thank you both for giving us just one MORE reminder of what is important in life.

J and N


Rohini and Justin’s Wedding, Barbados: Henna Ceremony

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The festivities of Rohini and Justin’s wedding started with Mehndi ceremony, or as it is known in the western world – henna ceremony.  We loved it all… the vibrant colors of the decorations, the henna applied to the bride’s hands and feet, the singing of all the women and the dancing!






























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