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Abraham Lake

April 6, 2019 | Filed Under News, Personal | Leave a Comment 

Abraham Lake is a body of water on the upper part of the North Saskatchewan River, just off the David Thompson highway.  It is a man-made body of water that was created in 1972 with the construction of the Bighorn Dam.  Now, because the area was flooded without removing any vegetation, an amazing natural phenomenon occurs…the creation of methane bubbles.   They are created when bacteria in the water eat dead plant and animal matter, and then, as a result of “digestion,” release methane. In the summer months, the methane simply rises to the surface; but in the winter, these bubbles become temporarily frozen in time.   A couple of weekends ago, a couple of friends of mine and I went to check out the scene.   With skates in hand, we slid our way down the ice onto the lake and then spent some time skating around on the  lake.  Unfortunately, there was a lot of snow and not a lot of bubbles.  It was still pretty amazing though.  Maybe next year for even more bubbles?





Dogs are Family

January 20, 2016 | Filed Under Personal | 1 Comment 


My friend and colleague Peggy has a real thing for bulldogs.  She has had 3 or 4 herself and sometimes looks after her son’s bulldog, Tank, as well.  One of her older bulldogs has had a form of doggy dementia and has been getting more and more confused over time.  So it was really sad to hear of the dog’s passing this week.  I know that those dogs are family to her.  She will be missed.  But I am so glad we had a chance to take some great images of the dogs (as well as her people family) a little while ago.   It helps to remember what once was.

Christmas Magic, Chelsea Quebec

December 27, 2015 | Filed Under Personal | Leave a Comment 


It’s been over a year since Jamie’s mother had a very invasive brain surgery followed shortly after by an unexpected stroke.  She has been on the mend ever since. She has been getting consistently better over the course of last year and we are looking forward to more progress in the next. We are so thankful for her and her healing journey. Everyone has been so supportive and wonderful. And this Christmas, more than ever before, we spent a lot of our time enjoying warm weather, looking out over the Gatineau river, watching the comings and goings of birds at the feeder, the beauty and sparkle of the Christmas tree, eating well, and just being with family (and the poodle pack). I hope this gives you a little glimpse into our world. I hope you give your family an extra little hug this Christmas. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

Please scroll across to enjoy all the images!

Happy holidays!!

Christmas 2014 – Chelsea, Quebec.

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Christmas in the Gatineau.

Great to be back home to be with family. Mom experienced a stroke in October and thus remains in a rehab clinic until she is able to return home. We were able to have her home over Christmas for two days. As sad as it may seem, to see family simply step up and look after her through instinct was probably the best Christmas present ever.

Nadine and I were able to sneak away for a couple days to the Wakefield Inn, not too far from here. A great chance to connect and celebrate our first 10 years together.












Mountain River

August 20, 2014 | Filed Under Lifestyle, News, Personal | Leave a Comment 

We were honored to guide on the Mountain River again this summer!  This fast flowing, beautiful river runs from the Mackenzie Mountains down to the Mackenzie River, near Norman Wells, NWT.

This is just a glimpse into the fantastic trip that we had!  Enjoy.

[jwplayer mediaid=”1632″]


A Personal Easter in Banff!

April 25, 2014 | Filed Under News, Personal | Leave a Comment 


Jamie and I have been pretty busy lately.    Normally, Easter weekend is about spending time with family and friends and the meaning behind the day.  This weekend, for various reasons, we decided to go somewhere inspirational and spend it with only each other (for the most part).

As photographers, we spend a lot of our time documenting the moments of other people’s lives (sometimes at the expense of our  own lives).  We are also always on the hunt; constantly looking for that great shot.  And this weekend, we got some great images.

But mostly, we focused on our time together. We really took the time to soak in the beauty of our surroundings, not just look for great images to take.   And that made the time our time together more precious.

I hope you enjoy these images.














Wintery Magic!

November 25, 2013 | Filed Under Lifestyle, Personal | 1 Comment 

We had a chance to photograph our 3 cute little nieces this week.  With the wintery magic of snow and lights and love, these  little darlings are definitely at their cutest!  Enjoy!




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So what does a poodle look like when he shakes?


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I have seen the stone cold eye of Medusa.

This is Chinwe.  She is going to summer camp.   For crazy hair day, she decided she wanted to be Medusa.

J & N


Christmas Joy!

December 14, 2012 | Filed Under Personal | Leave a Comment 

Christmas is almost here.  We hope your holiday season is full of hope, love and joy!

J & N

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