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Birkie 2018 Images

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We are getting Birkie images uploaded to our website. We will be uploading into various galleries so that they are easier to navigate.

The Festival images are now live. You can access them through our PROOFS tab and by entering the password: birkie2018festival

We will be posting passwords at we upload more galleries.

Birkie 2018

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Congratulations to all of the participants in this year’s Birkie.  It was an honour to capture the spirit and emotion of such a fantastic event.  Enjoy this small sample of what we captured that day.

Birkie 2017 Images

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The Birkie 2017 images are now live through our web site.

Access our web site at www.janstudios.com.

In the PROOFS section we have uploaded several galleries as there are so many images, we did not want the galleries to become bogged down.

The following passwords will get you into the various galleries:

Pre Start – birkiewarmup

Start – birkiestart

On course – birkieoncourse

Finish – birkiefinish

Miscellaneous – birkiemisc


Birkie 2017

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Thank you all participants of this year’s Birkie. It was an amazing event with perfect weather and fantastic snow.
We are currently uploading images for you to view and/or purchase.
The images will be in various galleries with individual, unique passwords. Stay tuned to this NEWS page for password information. You can also follow us on Facebook at JaN Studios.
We have a variety of images now from the slideshow we had at the Viking Feast. Go to our PROOFS section and enter the password “birkie2017”.

Tanis and Josh, Leduc Wedding

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I’ve known Tanis since she was around 12 years old.   She volunteered to work at a camp for kids that I helped run when I was in University years ago.  She also lived fairly close to me back then and I would often drive her to and from our workplace.   I got to know the young Tanis fairly well back then.  But over the years, I haven’t seen as much of her.  But every once in awhile, I’d hear where she was traveling to, how she was doing and whom she was dating.  And then she contacted us to to tell us she was engaged.  I was thrilled for her!

When we got to meet with Tanis and Joshua to talk about their wedding, I saw how incredibly happy Tanis was in this relationship.  But I also saw the look on Josh’s face as he looked at Tanis.  Together, they were always laughing and seemed so ready to tackle whatever life brought.  Yes, Tanis had finally met her match.

Even though the wedding day was in March and there was still a great deal of snow on the ground, the sun shone brightly, the sky was a rich blue and it was quite warm.  Contrast that with the next day, when the temperatures plummeted and it snowed heavily.  Tanis and Josh’s day was perfect, just like it was meant to be!

Tanis & Josh, Leduc Wedding Sneak Peak

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We were honored to be at Tanis and Josh’s lovely wedding this weekend!  So happy that the snow and rain held off so their day could be warm and sunny.  I couldn’t resist posting a sneak peak of this beautiful couple!

Sam and Scott, Sherwood Park Wedding

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Sam and Scott were married on a beautiful, sunny Autumn day.  They were showered with love by family and friends all day long.  At the girls’ house, there were champagne toasts, a flurry of girls getting ready, makeup and clothes everywhere you looked, and selfies being taken at random.  The boys’ house was a little less harried; video games always calm people down, I guess.  After a beautiful ceremony, the bridal party piled into the limo to go back to the places where our couple really fell in love… high school and university.   Afterward, the group partied the rest of the night.

Sam and Scott, thanks for letting us be a part of your day and letting us feel a bit of the love you spread around you!  We only wish we had known to stick around for Donairs!

You can view a selection of our favorite images from this day by clicking on the arrows on the sides of the images above.

Dogs are Family

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My friend and colleague Peggy has a real thing for bulldogs.  She has had 3 or 4 herself and sometimes looks after her son’s bulldog, Tank, as well.  One of her older bulldogs has had a form of doggy dementia and has been getting more and more confused over time.  So it was really sad to hear of the dog’s passing this week.  I know that those dogs are family to her.  She will be missed.  But I am so glad we had a chance to take some great images of the dogs (as well as her people family) a little while ago.   It helps to remember what once was.

Christmas Magic, Chelsea Quebec

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It’s been over a year since Jamie’s mother had a very invasive brain surgery followed shortly after by an unexpected stroke.  She has been on the mend ever since. She has been getting consistently better over the course of last year and we are looking forward to more progress in the next. We are so thankful for her and her healing journey. Everyone has been so supportive and wonderful. And this Christmas, more than ever before, we spent a lot of our time enjoying warm weather, looking out over the Gatineau river, watching the comings and goings of birds at the feeder, the beauty and sparkle of the Christmas tree, eating well, and just being with family (and the poodle pack). I hope this gives you a little glimpse into our world. I hope you give your family an extra little hug this Christmas. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

Please scroll across to enjoy all the images!

Happy holidays!!

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